About InCloud Backup

Oc2Tech IT Solutions was founded in 2009, with corporate background Oc2Tech IT Solutions provides, IT Management, Email Management, IT Data Security Solutions as well as multiple IT services, providing Information Communication Technology Solutions with the highest product quality. The business environment can be quite competitive but at Oc2Tech IT Solutions we provide the required IT Security Solutions to our clients and act as the foundation to their businesses as they flourish. Oc2Tech IT Solutions provides not only the latest IT Security but also excellent IT Services and Maintenance, built up by Information Security, Email Management, IT Monitoring and expert support. We provide a piece of mind with added reliability to exceed our client’s expectations. With a variety of guaranteed quality products we provide our customers with the Technical Innovation Solutions they require and deserve. We trust our products to provide state of the art security and leading edge monitoring technologies. At Oc2Tech IT Solutions our experienced personnel are motivated to provide you with innovative solutions and the highest service levels

Our Email Management and IT Data Security Solutions we equipped our clients with provides them with the peace of mind of secure electronic information and the knowledge of what is happening in the IT cloud of their company by advanced network monitoring.

Most importantly Oc2Tech IT Solutions will tailor the Data Security Solution not to only meet the customer’s specifications but also to provide the peace of mind with added reliability and monitoring. Once our solution is in place Oc2Tech IT Solutions will demonstrate its committed and professional support structure.

We at Oc2Tech IT Solutions trust our it products in order to provide state of the art and leading edge technologies from manufactures such as: Dell, Mecer, Asus, Sony, Epson, Samsung, LG, Acer, Brother, D-Link, Duxbury, EPSON, HP, Microsoft, Meissner, MicroTik, Netgear, Prestige, Siemens and Toshiba to name a few. With the verity of guaranteed quality products, we can provide our customers with the technical innovations solutions, they require and deserves.

Oc2Tech IT Solutions personnel are motivated to provide you with innovative security solutions with the highest service levels. With 20 years in the IT Industry we provide the knowledge and experience to supply state of the art IT Security Solutions and Email Management solution to suit our clients’ specific requirements. With our ability to fully understand our client’s needs, we can provide the appropriate IT Security Solutions to promote business benefits in the shortest possible time.